X-Files Drops A New Promo Poster While We All Patiently Await A Star Wars Trailer


Fox has put out a new poster for The X-Files revival miniseries and this one is a doozy.

Behold C.G.B. Spender (aka the Cigarette smoking man) the shadowy government assassin that thwarted Mulder and Scully at every turn.

Mr. Spender is looking good considering the last time we saw him he was being hit head on with a tomahawk missile. In fact, he looks healthier than he has in years. By the end of the original run of the series he was wheel chair bound and smoking though a hole in his neck, but here we see him standing. What do you think? Is this an alien replicant, a clone, or an even eviler twin? Leave all of crazy your theories in the comments section below!

XFiles CigeretteSmokingMan

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