Tom Holland Talks Captain America; Civil War Injuries


In an impromptu interview with Hey U Guysupcoming Captain America; Civil War star and the newest actor to take on the character of Spider-Man, talks a little bit about filming, where he’s drawing his inspiration from, and about a little on-set mishap that lead to a minor injury.

It appears that Hey U Guysmanaged to catch Holland on his way to movie, but the young actor was kind enough to grant them a little interview anyway. All in good spirit, the young actor tells the interviewer, “I actually did not expect this at all tonight, I thought I was going to the cinema, but here I am doing interviews, which is great, it’s good practice for the next couple of months.”

While on the spot, Holland was asked about previous actors portrayals of the character and if the actor will use any of that as source material and he explained that, “It’s impossible not to. They were so great, and such real and rich performances, there were obviously factors that I love and will try to recreate. But I think the most important thing of the moment is to make a film that’s obviously of the same character, but try to make a different, and new and exciting movie.”

How’s that for a good show of diplomacy?! Holland is really coming off as a good sport about the whole thing while many sit on the face in anticipation of a 3rd actor to try and take on the role of the iconic hero. He seems genuinely ready and able to give the fans the Spider-Man that we’ve all wanted and have been dreaming of seeing included within the MCU since it’s inception.

Taking the time to explain a little injury mishap while filming the role, Holland tells Hey U Guys that, “It was my own mistake. I basically fell over and bashed my face in front of about two hundred crew members, so not my most heroic moment! It was luckily just before my last shot; they were like, ‘Roll cameras!’, I was getting into position, everything went wrong, and they still did the take anyway. It looks great and they’ll probably just CGI out all the blood, and yeah, I was very lucky.”

If you’d like to watch the full  3 minute interview, we’ve gone ahead and included it below.

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