New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Shows Off New Tech and Termoil


It’s been quite the week for trailers and hot on the heels of the objectively terrible first official Justice League trailer, we’ve now got the second official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Unlike the trailer for JL, this one offers up a bit of actual insight into the film and demonstrates some interesting new tidbits of information.

For one, we get to see a lot of the tech that went into Tony Stark’s rendition of the classic spider-suit. In one shot we see the spider-emblem remove itself from his chest and fly away. One can only assume that this is a modern take on the Spidey’s classic spider-tracers, a tool he’s often relied upon in the comics, but one that we’ve not seen make it to the big screen yet. We get another shot of his web-wings as we see Spidey glide off of a building, but we also see that his new suit sort of vacuum fit to his body, making it easy to take on and off. We also here Peter’s friend make quick mention of the spider-symbol which we saw during the end credits of Civil War.

In addition to some of Spidey’s more modern tech, we also are given a bit of insight into the new film. It would appear as though Michael Keaton’s, Adrian Tooms/Vulture, worked for a company dealing with the cleanup after superhero battles only to have been put out of work by Tony Stark. Instead, he and his crew resort to lives of crime which bring them into conflict with old Shellhead and our favorite webslinger. In addition to all of that, we see Tony criticize Peter for getting over his head while trying to help against a Vulture attack. Tony takes back the suit from Peter forcing him to go back to his original homemade version that we very briefly saw in Civil War.

While we still know very little in terms of details, the plot is starting to take shape in a way that makes sense not only as Spidey’s first solo outing, but also within the context of the greater MCU.  The only downfall this film is currently facing, despite the fact that Sony has made all kinds of weird announcements about Venom spinoffs and other Spider-Man related properties that will fall outside of the MCU, is that July just can’t come fast enough.

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out July 6th, 2017 in theaters nationwide.

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