New Promo Photos for The Flash Show Off ALL of Zoom and He’s Horrifying


Earlier today the fine folks over at the CW went ahead and released a slew of promo photos for the upcoming episode of The Flash titled Enter Zoom. Along with the photo release come our first, full, un-blurred shots of the horrifying villain in all of his dark and evil glory.


For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, Zoom is an Earth 2 villain that, through a variety of singularity portals created by Barry Allen’s Flash at the end of season 1, has been dumping meta-humans onto Earth 1 in order to do away with our titular hero. With the help of his ever trusting comrades and a de-powered Earth 2 version of The Flash, Jay Garrick, they’ve been fighting back the meta-humans while trying to figure out how to do away with the portals and the greater threat, Zoom.


You can see all of the photos below and watch the promo for the upcoming episode, but beware, you can’t un-see what you’re about to see and they could hint at some pretty major spoilers, so readers be warned…

Zoom1 Zoom2 Zoom3 Zoom4 Zoom5

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