Is Marvel’s Moon Knight Heading to Netflix? [Rumor]


Well folks, according to the editor and chief over at Heroic Hollywood, it sounds like we could be seeing Marvel’s, Moon Knight, at some point in the very near future.

During the most recent episode of Collider HeroesHeroic Hollywood’s founder and Editor in Chief Umberto Gonzalez made a little guest appearance in which he managed to drop an interesting little tidbit about one of Marvel’s lesser known, yet widely popular among comic fans, anti-heroes, Moon Knight. In it he suggests that Moon Knight could show up in one of the current slated Netflix shows in some kind of soft pilot for a potential solo show. does mention that this could be based off of older rumors that suggested that Moon Knight could potentially show up in the MCU at some point, but if he were to show up, Netflix would most certainly be the place to do it.

Moon Knight is a character who was at one point a mercenary for hire before he received his powers via an ancient Egyptian moon god called, Khonshu. He’s also rich, yet moonlights as a taxi driver in order to keep close to the street and the criminal element.

So what do you think, does that sound like a show that you’d like to watch or are there other characters that you’d rather see get there due? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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