Deadpool 2 Loses Director Tim Miller & Internet Collectively Mourns


In a bit of news that managed to cause a collective nerdquake online, we learned earlier that it appears as though Deadpool and perspective Deadpool 2 director, Tim Miller, has sadly dropped out of the project.

The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier this morning that director has parted ways with the project due to creative differences with Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds and while the reports say that the parting was amicable, it still comes as a tremendous blow to the project.

Miller was instrumental in making Deadpool happen in the first place. The project had been long abandoned by Fox due to the characters ill received portrayal in Wolverine: Origins, but due to leaked CGI test footage that was produced by Millers special effects production company, Blur, fan response demanded that the movie be made. It was never formally revealed who the person responsible for leaking the test footage was, fans have long suspected that it was either Miller, Reynolds, or a combination thereof, but without Millers incredible insight, understanding, and true-to-form vision for the character, the film would never have been released and would’ve never become the highest selling R-rated movie of all-time having taken in nearly $800M worldwide.

Miller was never officially contracted to direct the movies sequel, although it was widely expected that the director would return, especially since people surrounding the project have been fairly vocal about Miller’s involvement in the new script. While Reynolds had served as a producer on the first film, it’s been suggested that this time around the films star has a lot more creative sway which apparently isn’t quite in line with what Miller had wanted to do. Reynolds was also instrumental in the development of the character, bringing Deadpool to life in a way that was basically ripped right from the pages of the comic book, so he clearly does have an understanding of the character. Miller’s leaving the production may be sad, but by and large we expect that it’ll pull along just fine. The real part in question will be the films visuals, which were perfectly executed in the first outing and managed to combine high action, Reynolds quick wit, and physical slapstick elements.

We’re curious to see who the new director will be or if Miller will somehow still managed to stay at least somewhat involved in the film, but we’re guessing that an announcement on that will be a little ways off.

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