Could Felicia Day Really Join the NEW Mystery Science Theater Crew [UPDATED]


Update: Ms. Felicia Day has confirmed in a Tweet that she will in fact be playing the daughter of the evil Dr. Forrester on the upcoming relaunch of Mystery Science Theater.

Original Story: When we heard that MST3K was looking to make some new episodes, we got very excited. Very, very excited. And considering that they’ve now made their requisite $2M Kickstarter goal (although there’s still time to contribute if you haven’t already), we’re really starting to look forward to how they’re going to proceed.

We know that Jonah Ray (Maron, Garfunkle & Oats, Comedy Bang Bang!) will be the new captive host and that the classic band of robot companions will be joining him, but if the website Flixist is to be believed, Felicia Day could be the newest addition to the cast. Rumor has it that Day will serve in the classic role of the evil mad scientist who is responsible for subjecting the host and his friends to an onslaught of terrible movies.

Allegedly this comes from a print version of Entertainment Weekly and at this point their website make no mention of this being the case. Aside from a few other online sources citing the rumor, nothing can be officially confirmed. On the MST3K Kickstarter page, the featured video image currently has the Mad blacked out with a silhouette and it absolutely looks as though it could belong to Day.

While there’s nothing substantial at this point, the casting does, however, make a crap load of sense. Aside from having the perfect personality and set of credentials to help fully realize the role, she’s got her own brigade of online fans ravenous to see her show up in more work and would certainly help to boost ratings.

So what do you think, do you want to see Day join all of our favorite characters and take on the role of the shows primary antagonist? As always, throw down your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

MST3K Kickstarter Image

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