Will ‘The Killing Joke’ Animated Feature Get An ‘R’ Rating?


We’ve had a slew of Batman animated films lately that run toward the mature audiences, but could one finally up the ante and go full on rated R? That’s an interesting question given that none of the movies have even bothered to venture into that realm, but if there were ever to be a Batman story that was appropriate for the rating, it would Alan Moore’s, The Killing Joke.

In a report made by Batman Newsclaims are being made that the producers behind the film have been given the thumbs-up by Warner Bros to go ahead and make an R rated version of the story. According to the sites report, “at New York Comic-Con we got word from producer James Tucker that Warner Bros. gave them permission to make it rated R!”

Now that seems a little bit thin to us, but the claim is backed up by a series of Tweets from an account called, @stitchkingdom. Even if it is true, however, it’ll be interesting to see if they actually go through with it. Many other sites are speculating that just because he can, doesn’t mean that he will as it has the potential to severely limit the reach of the film by excluding the younger audiences that would traditionally sit down to watch a Batman animated movie.

Again, if any story were to brand an R rating, it would be The Killing Joke. Both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are slated to return to the Batman animated franchise to voice both Batman and the Joker respectively and we wonder how they’d feel about making an R rated animated feature.

Either way, we’re really excited to see this story come to life as it is a modern day classic. The Killing Joke provides an origin for Batman’s most iconic villain and features a story line where the Joker captures and tortures Commissioner James Gordon in an effort to drive him insane. The Joker also shoots his daughter Barbra Gordon/Batgirl which ultimately leads to her paralysis and sparks the evolution of her character transformation into Oracle.

So, do you want to see a rated R animated Batman movie or would you be fine with a PG-13? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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