We Review Nerdist’s ‘The Hive’


The internet is running rampant with great content these days and a wide variety of people are taking an opportunity to spread their wings when it comes to becoming their own producers. In the wake of this, we’re getting bigger and better content all the time, which is what brings us to The Hive; the newest film from writer/director David Yarovesky and produced by the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick.

The Hive takes a fresh new look at the classic possession story by creating a new landscape which allows for what was a fairly stale genre to breath new life. Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will have flashbacks to the Borg collective in a way that leaves you filled Invasion of the Body Snatchers style dread.

The film opens with a camp counselor who wakes up to find himself barricaded in a room filled with cryptic clues, blisters on his skin, and no memory of who he is or what’s happened. It isn’t long before he realizes the clues are in his handwriting and that he’s sharing the room with the corpse of a close friend. Weirder still, the memories he can recall aren’t entirely his own.

The out of sequence story serves to fill in gaps while our hero works to recover his impaired memory. From the writings on the wall he learns that the love of his life is in danger, that he’s either insane, infected, or possessed, and that this period of lucidity isn’t going to last.

The Hive does take it’s time working through a lot of set up, but it does inevitably lead to a pretty clever premise driven by some pretty fresh talent. While its hard to resist the urge to reveal what’s actually happening in order to get people to stay with it, all we can say is that this is a film that you need to stick with because it will pay off with some fiendishly wicked performances that put the last decade of possession films to shame.

If you can get past the fleeting moments of CGI, shaky cam, lens flare, and romantic shorthand, you’ll be rewarded with an original story sold on the strength of some remarkable performances in what Gaurdians of the Galaxy director and horror aficionado, James Gunn, is calling, “The most horrifying and disgusting love story ever told.”

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