Voltron Legendary Defender: Season 2 Gets an Awesome New Trailer



Looks like we’ve got our first glimpse into the second season of Netflix’s surprisingly great reprise of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The new teaser was released just ahead of this weekends New York Comic Con via Comicbook.com, although this version of the trailer comes to us from IGN.

The first season of the Voltron remake was surprisingly good featuring a variety of great action moments mixed with the zany slapstick that the original was known for. It also made a bold move by introducing the idea of a transgender lead character, which added an interesting dynamic that the original show lacked. Although the show opted to make a lot of changes from the original, it managed to keep remarkably true to the original tone of the show even going so far as to introduce similar story beats.

The trailer for the upcoming season looks as though the show will be taking a darker turn, however, it’ll surely keep the same types of campy jokes that make the show. The biggest question of the new season is whether or not the lead character, Shiro, pilot of the Black Lion, will survive. In the original Voltron, the leader, then called Sven, didn’t last very long and was quickly replaced. It seems as though this version might be following in those same footsteps, but it’s hard to say given just how good of a character Shiro has been so far in the fight against the evil Emperor Zarkon.

If you’ve  not yet had a chance to watch, or have been on the fence about Voltron: Legendary Defender, now’s the time start watching as the second season is set to release sometime late this year. If you were a fan of the original, odds are you’ll probably appreciate everything this new show is trying to do.

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