Venom the Movie: Why Sony, Why?


Okay, there’s been a lot of talk about an upcoming Venom movie from the people over at Sony and for a lot of it, I’ve been trying to just sit back and listen until things got official. Well, it’s been official now for a little over a week and even more things have come to light, but it’s been incredibly difficult to wrap my head around the details.

The biggest and possibly most incredulous of the new leaked info is that this film will take place outside of the MCU, which means that it will NOT be at all attached to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film is also slated to kick off an R-rated Sony “villain-verse” that features various members of Spidey’s primary rogues gallery, the Sinister Six. The film is also allegedlly set to tie into Sony’s upcoming Black Cat and Silver Sable movies, all of which will fall outside of the greater MCU.

So now we’re talking about a NEW Spider-Man series, but this time it’ll go down without our favorite web-slinger while taking place in his universe or maybe more accurately, his alternate universe? This also means that this will be Sony’s fourth attempt at a spider-centric universe in just over 15 years, so it begs the question, why bother?

Even among the most die-hard Spider-Man fans you’re starting to see spidey-fatigue due to the overwhelming number of reboots and revisions. When Sony finally struck a deal with Marvel, it was a sigh of relief for many because it seemed as though the Spider-Verse had come home to roost in a way that was mutually beneficial to all parties. Spider-Man’s appearance in Civil War is almost universally hailed as his best onscreen appearance to date and the trailers for Homecoming look equally as entertaining. To stomp on that good will with another groan-worthy attempt seems like something the studio would want to shy away from due to the possibility of further tarnishing a brand they’re finally on track to make work.

We know that Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature at least two villains in Michael Keaton’s, Vulture, and Bokeem Woodbine’s, Shocker. Early rumors had suggested that the film could set to introduce Venom as a third villain, but Sony insists that the movie they have planned is entirely unrelated to the one they already have in the works.

For fans like me, this is frustrating. It only serves to feed into the franchise fatigue that many are already feeling and for the novice moviegoer, they’re having a hard time differentiating what Marvel movies are actually Marvel movies, which is entirely understandable, but it’s also why some of these movies are making money. Your average fan sees a trailer for a new Marvel flick and they’re ready to through down and give up their money. It’s only after they’ve seen the film when they realize it’s not the movie they thought they were getting themselves into and it leaves a sour taste in their mouths leading to bad online word of mouth and reviews. While I’d normally grunt at the sign of another online outrage petition on, this seems like the time and place for one. What can the fans do to get Sony to stop these shenanigans?

Are you a big enough Venom fan to see him get a movie that doesn’t somehow involve Spider-Man? Are you a big enough Venom fan to see him get a movie in which Spider-Man simply doesn’t exist? Does that even make sense? As always, let me know what you think because ultimately it’s your opinion that matters, whether or not Sony cares to hear it.


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