Upcoming Wonder Woman Movie to Feature Batman


A new report is circling the internet with a fierce rumor that Wonder Woman won’t be the only hero included in her upcoming titular film.

This new report comes from JoBlo who recently turned out to be spot on in regard to their ‘Hulk joining Thor’s Ragnarok’ rumor, so it seems as though this report should be taken with a hard bit of legitimacy.

The site is currently reporting that both Ares and Circe will serve as the main villains (currently rumored to be played be Sean Bean and Eva Green respectively) and that the Batman himself will at least make an apperence or play some kind of role in the film.

The report also confirms that this movie will take place in at least two different time periods which will include World War I and a then just a few months before Batman V. Superman, making this movie a prequel in all regards. Allegedly we’ll also get to see the invisible jet make an appearance, so that should be interesting.

According to JoBloe, “The WONDER WOMAN solo film will actually take place a few months BEFORE the events of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

In addition to that, the Caped Crusader is said to appear in the film when Diana fights Ares’ winged demonic minions, watching her save civilian lives during the battle. This could simply be a shot of Batman from a rooftop observing or something more, but his presence will be there. After the film’s finale, Batman will approach Wonder Woman in some regard to let her know he is aware of her, establishing a relationship that leads to her involvement in BVS.”

So there you have it. Right now this is all rumor, but the folks at JoBlo are usually pretty on point when it comes to this kind of thing.

So what do you think, will Batman make a solid addition to this movie or will he ultimately steal the show? He’s already set to cameo in Suicide Squad, so this will mark the known 5th appearance of the caped crusader in Zach Snyder’s DC Universe (including Dawn of Justice and both scheduled Justice League films). That’s a lot of Batman in minor roles, but do you think it’ll work? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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