The Gotham Spin-off We Deserve


For those who have been following Fox’s Gotham as of late, you’ve probably noticed that the show has gotten out-of-control-bonkers, but not necessarily in a bad way. The show probably has enough fodder to please even the most stringent Batman fan while also deviating in it’s story enough to drive some people up the bloody wall. While, overall, people seem to generally enjoying the show (myself included), it doesn’t feel like it’s too far off from going straight off the rails, but I tend to think that there is a way to fix it so that it can keep on doing it’s crazy thing while giving us the proto-Batman show we’re all looking for.

If you’ll recall way back to earlier this year, there were rumors going around about a potential Gotham spin-off. While early reports suggested that the show would follow a young Alfred Pennyworth on his rise to butlerdom, many felt that idea to be stupid and convoluted in much the same way we felt about the idea of an Aunt May spin-off movie from the Amazing Spider-Man series. Alfred, while a truly great and immortal character at this point, doesn’t need a fully flushed out backstory in the form of it’s own show or movie. Instead, we’d like to posit a better idea that allows them to use a Pennyworth backstory while building a much more interesting show.

Instead of following along with the jolly Pennyworth, we have a TRUE Gotham spin-off in which we see young Bruce Wayne and Alfred leave the city of Gotham behind in order to pursue Bruce’s martial arts and detective training utilizing some of the crazy characters from Alfred’s military past.

If you ask me, the one true problem with Gotham, is that Bruce Wayne has gotten way too close to way too many characters. So far it’s been okay, but we all know that it can’t continue, otherwise, when the Batman finally makes his first appearance in Gotham, every damn villain and cop in the city will figure out he’s Bruce Wayne. Like, immediately so. The show should allow Bruce to convince his cohorts that he’s decided to give up the pursuit of his parents killer because it’s just gotten too far over his head and he’s endangered too many people he cares about. He should sell them on the idea that he’s choosing to continue his schooling while traveling the world and enjoying what he has left of his parents; their wealth.

This creates the perfect cover for him to create some distance for the next 8-10 years so that he can instead immerse himself in the training he so desperately needs to become the Batman while allowing Gotham to continue down the absolutely insane sinkhole it’s already on.

Furthermore, think about some of characters from the comic book that you could potentially connect to Alfred’s mysterious past in a spin-off like this. Perhaps David Cain? Lady Shiva? The League of Assassins? All we know of Alfred’s past so far is that he was some kind of British special forces guy which could allow for him to have a vast network of global connections that he could potentially leverage in the training of his young ward. We could also see flashbacks to Alfred’s past much in the way that Arrow has worked the device into it’s overall narrative which gives Fox exactly what they were looking for, while giving us the show we actually might want. Further more, if Alfred takes a more proactive role in Bruce’s mentorship, it could instill in Bruce the same values that eventually show through when he eventually opts to take a ward of his vary own.

So what do you think of this idea? Could you be on bored? Would you rather see this that a solo “Young Adventures of Alfred Pennyworth” show? As always, let us know what you think a Gotham spin-off could look like in the comments section below.

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