The Five Things We DON’T Want to See in Batman V. Superman; Dawn of Justice


The internet is awash with things that people are proclaiming that they really want to see in the upcoming Batman V. Superman; Dawn of Justice movie and while that’s all good and fine, we’d like to take a minute to focus on the things that we don’t want to see in this movie.

To be 100% forthcoming, we did not at all care for Man of Steel, but that’s not the debate that we’re looking to have. We would very much LOVE to have a Superman film that we feels works, so we’re not a blatant antagonist to the character. The Batman V. Superman story arc has been done really well in the past, so at face value, this film should be a slam dunk, however, given our distaste to director Zack Snyder’s approach to Man of Steel, there are a handful of things that we think he should layoff, just let be, or use extreme caution.

Please keep in mind, we’re not writing this to be a bunch of big jerks, these are just things that in our opinion, would be best avoided in order to help this movie soar.

1: The God Complex


Honestly, the biggest thing that we’d like to see avoided in this movie are the use of religious symbolism, analogies, and metaphors. Unfortunately, we already know that this will be included as a major part of the films story line as hundreds, if not thousands of people in the trailer are shown to clearly be worshiping Superman as though he is some kind of deity. While it’s fine to address this to some degree, we’d like to think that Superman would be quick to dispel that kind of behavior. If every time he lands he’s greeted by swarms of worshipers, he’d basically just never land again and would likely get a new disguise to help keep himself out of the religious figure limelight. At least that’s what we’d like to think.

We get that a lot of people seem to be into that aspect of what Snyder is doing, but the god’s among men story was played out well enough in The Watchmen and we’d like to get back to the Superman that we know and love, especially since he’s finally getting the opportunity to mix it up with Batman. Let’s not let the story get too distracted by religion is all we’re really trying to say.

2: Too Many Character Intros


Look, we know that they’re trying to setup a bigger universe here, but Marvel took their sweet time and introduced the characters all slowly throughout their own films. We already know for a fact that we’ll be Batman’s origin again thanks to the online trailer and we wouldn’t be surprised if we get another summary of Superman’s. The problem here is if they spend even 2 minutes and each new characters origin or explanation for being in the film it’ll actually take up a substantial amount of the film. Think about it; we already know that aside from Batman and Superman, we’ll be seeing Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash not to mention Alfred, whoever Jena Malone is playing, Lex Luthor, plus whoever the over-arching villain is going to inevitably be (currently rumored to be Doomsday). Again, if they spent 2 minutes setting up each of those characters, that’s at least 20 minutes of the 2 hour run time devoted to setting up characters, that’s excluding their bigger motivations and where they actually fit within the stories plot. We’re also hearing that earlier stories where Robin gets wacked will be mentioned and all of that will need explanation too. Remember, this is all on top of a story where they’re supposed to be address the destruction of Metropolis and Superman’s place in the world. If they get too carried away, it’s going to turn into a sloppy mess and quickly.

3: Backstory Reflux


We know that the characters of the DC Universe have some pretty rad backstories, but seriously, there’s only so much you can fit into a single movie while allowing the actual story plot to progress. We’ve heard rumors that Commissioner Jim Gordon will be dead in the movie. We’ve heard rumors that a Robin will be dead in this movie. It’s also been rumored that instead of playing a new Robin, Jena Malone will play Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, although if she does it will likely be in the form of her techie alter-ego, Oracle. What we don’t need to spend time telling the stories of characters we don’t ever get to see or characters that are 100% critical in moving the plot along. This sort of ties into the previous section in that we don’t want time wasted on outside stories and we’re more than a little concerned that this movie just has way to much going on.

4: A Hyper Plot Convenient Villain


Rumor has it that Doomsday could make his first big screen debut in this movie. Now here’s a solid threat of a villain, but according to the rumor, instead of being his own unique beast, he’ll be a botched clone of Man of Steel’s, General Zod. I know that we’ve been talking about this movie being overstuffed with potential story points, but this is one area where you should take the time to establish a proper villain and while having Doomsday be a genetic throwaway version of a villain we’ve already seen, give him his due. Give him a different motivation from Zod’s and make him his own thing. Doesn’t he at least deserve that much?

5: Jared Leto’s Joker


Above all else, the very last thing that we’d want to see in this movie is Jared Leto’s Joker. It’s not at all that we hate him (although, to be honest, we really can’t stand this rendition of him), it’s just that he can’t possibly fit into this film and if he shows up, it’ll only be to help sell more tickets for the Suicide Squad movie. This would be another character that’s completely unnecessary to the direct plot of the film and would only serve to give even more background on a character we’re all incredibly familiar with or serve to confuse those unfamiliar with the world of Batman. It’s our believe that this really wouldn’t be a great move for director Zach Snyder, but who knows, it could already be a foregone conclusion.


While we’re not trying to be a bunch of internet haters, because truthfully, we’d really love to love this movie. With that being said and given what we’ve already seen, we’re just not sure that we’ll be on board. Sure, it’ll be full of smashy smashy’s, but personally, that isn’t enough for us to drive an entire movie, especially when that movie is filled with great characters that we all know, love, and respect.

So the question is, what do you think? Do you think we’re wrong and that these things could serve the movie well or do you think that the people making the film need to be careful as to not over-bloat their film. As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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