Terminator Franchise Put on Hold; Indefinitely


Holy crap, bust out the champagne because the time to celebrate has finally come! After years and years of abuse, mismanagement, and what seemed to be like an incurable case of masochism on my part for continuing to watch the movies, the once amazing and now rash inducing Terminator franchise is being put on hold indefinitely.


If it sounds like we’re overtly enthusiastic about this little tidbit of news, it’s because we are. We 100% are. Terminator; Genysis did everything a movie could do wrong and then some. I think most people would probably agree, that despite Jai Courtney’s best efforts, the first 30-40 minutes of the film were surprisingly pretty solid as we watched a new take on the 1984 Sarah Connor unfold, but the second the movie jumped ship and time hopped it’s way to 2017, thereby undoing the rest of the continuity, ESPECIALLY THE FIRST TWO GREAT FILMS, was the moment that the franchise needed to be put down and sent to that special farm upstate where movies go when they get old.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news earlier today and we did a little dance the second we heard. The Terminator franchise was originally imperil after Genysis only pulled in $89M falling insanely short of making back it’s $150M production budget. However, the film exceeded expectation internationally pulling in $440M worldwide, but it’s still estimated that the film ultimately lost money once factoring in marketing and various other expenditures.

Terminator; Genysis was originally intended to be the first part of malevolent trilogy and there was also rumor of a companion TV show. Fortunately for the world at large, we don’t have to be worried about being subjected to that garbage for… well, at least for a little while.

Now, as an apology from me for making you have to re-think about that really bad Terminator movie, watch the end clip from the first, AMAZING, Terminator movie. You’re welcome.

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