Supergirl on the CW: What Does That Mean?


The flow of news out of the TV world this week has been insane. Good, decent, and otherwise horrible shows have either been getting the ax or renewed for more seasons, but one of the biggest and most interesting bits of info relates to CBS’s Supergirl. Sadly, it was reported that CBS would not renew Supergirl for a second season which came after many weeks awaiting word.

While it was initially pretty sad to hear that the show wouldn’t get a second time out on the network, it wasn’t all that surprising either. The show always had a real CBS feel which just didn’t quite allow the super heroine to feel as legit and sincere as some of the other superhero properties out there which likely led to the fact that the network never really got the ratings they were looking for out of the show. The news, however, got instantly more interesting as it was also announced that while CBS would no longer air the show, they would be moving it over to their sister station, the CW.

In SO many ways, this is great news and the best case scenario. The CW is where Supergirl should’ve been all along as the shows creator just so happens to be the same guy responsible for giving us other superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Now that it’s moving home, hopefully it’ll get that CW touch which will redirect the tone in the right direction, but there are some inherent issues with the move that have us asking how is this whole thing going to work now.

In what once seemed like a massive victory for fans, we got the Flash/Supergirl crossover that we all desperately wanted to see, but in order to make that happen, Supergirl was placed on a different Earth within the multiverse, which Barry Allen just so happened to stumble upon by mistake while trying to get to Earth-2. This creates an uncomfortable rift now that Supergirl is headed back to the CW, because ultimately it’d be nice to have them both operating within the same universe, especially since they had a pretty great dynamic in the crossover event. This of course leaves us with quite a few questions about how they could potentially handle the great Supergirl-network-swap, but as always, we’d like to throw a few possible ideas out there to help get the speculation pot brewing.

The first thing they could do would be to keep things just as they are with Supergirl operating on a different Earth. This is probably the most likely scenario, but it’s just not as satisfying. There’s already another DC property on the CW that works outside of the Flas/Arrow-verse, which is iZombie, and even still, it makes that show feel like the odd one out (not that it’s a bad show). A lot of people have talked about the possibility of iZombie actually taking place in the same universe as our other heroes which could be fun. We don’t really need to see any specific crossovers, but we could get a lot more inside jokes, as we saw happen recently in an episode of The Flash where Cisco made a strange iZombie reference. In regard to Supergirl, this would allow the show to remain the same with the same cast of characters, sidekicks, and villains, but in our opinion, some of those characters are what tends to hold Supergirl back at times. Unlike shows like The FlashArrow, or Legends of Tomorrow, the secondary characters on Supergirl often don’t feel very flushed out to the point where they could all be easily expendable without a huge feeling of loss, with the exception of maybe one or two.

The second scenario they could attempt could involve something happening to Supergirl’s universe, forcing her to head over to Earth-1. This would allow the show-runners to potentially cherry-pick the characters that they’d like to keep while getting rid of the things that held Supergirl back. It could also put an end to the kind of lame military involvement that the show couldn’t seem to get away from along with all of the other strange Kryptonians the show introduced. In fact, it could be Supergirl that introduces Earth-1 to the idea of Krypton which could potentially lead to some new, more interesting interpretations on stories we’ve seen in the past while including some of Superman’s villains into the CW Earth-1 universe instead of just the second-tier villains that Supergirl’s been regulated to fighting so far. This could be fun, but ultimately it might not be completely ideal as it’s a little radicle in nature. Depending on how they choose to handle it though, it could give the show the breathe of fresh air that it needs.

A third possibility could see Barry and Oliver coming across a threat so severe that they need some serious additional help which leads them to look for the Earth-1 version of Kara Danvers Zor-El. So far, there’s nothing that we’re aware of stating that Earth-1 doesn’t have a version of Kara lurking in the somewhere in the shadows. Maybe she was sent from Krypton to help her cousin (as she was in the CBS series), but perhaps Kal-El never showed up on this Earth for a reason that maybe they work to find out. Because he never arrived, Kara kept her identity and powers secret until Barry and Oliver help to put her on her heroes journey. We think that this idea could be a lot of fun and it allows for a soft-reboot of Supergirl as a series which allows the network to build the tone necessary for the show to fully succeed on the new network. In fact, the show could setup the idea of a potential Superman as some kind of myth, as in maybe he is coming, but was delayed for some reason meaning that Barry, Oliver, and Kara could all potentially be awaiting the arrival of a Superman. Maybe they’re even there when the young Superboy originally lands and they are the ones that help place him with Ma and Pa Kent? It’s a little backwards, but it would work within the realm of the current CW/DC continuity. If you remember back to the very first episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter tells his potential recruits that he’s seen, “Men of steel die and dark knights fall,” so he could be referring to future iterations of the characters.

Clearly we won’t know how they’re going to purse the swap until we do, but what do you think? Do you like any of these ideas or do you have any others that might work out better? As always, let us know in the comments section below!

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