Star Wars: Episode VIII: A New Theory


Look, every now and again we all theorize about Star Wars. There’s no shame in that (or at least we hope), but it’s a way to have a bit of fun as we all sit and patiently await the newest installment of the great Skywalker saga. Personally, I tend to have a new Star Wars theory float through my brain at least once per day because the dork just so happens to be strong with me. While Star Wars: Rouge One will be the next Star Wars installation to come out, it’s Star Wars: Episode VIII which is really what’s got our brains working in overtime.

With that preface out of the way, I’ve got a new theory that could add a HELL of a lot of wait to the upcoming (as of yet un-subtitled) Star Wars: Episode VII, and it would explain away a lot a lot of the questions that the Force Awakens currently has left unanswered. This theory adds a new dimension into not only the lineage of Rey, but it also adds weight to Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) and the rest of the Skywalker/Solo family.

I know there are a lot of Rey theories floating around out there that cover a lot of wild ideas. Some speculate that she’s Anakin Skywalker reincarnated. I call balderdash on that one. Some claim that she’s the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi and as much as I’d like to see the Kenobi linage explored more in the Star Wars universe, but I’m calling for a kibosh on that one too.

These stories have all been Skywalker centric and that’s  no accident, so the initial theories of her being the daughter of Han and Leia or Luke and some as of yet unidentified woman tend to carry the most weight. In fact, the only problem with those theories is that they would almost come as a non-surprise. It’s basically the overly obvious answer and if she was a direct Skywalker decendent, there would’ve been no reason to keep the secret through the whole of the Force Awakens, because we all would’ve already guessed it which means the surprise would come with little to no pay off and would essentially be a huge let down. Unless of course, there’s a little more to the story than meets the eye…


What if the big reveal isn’t her parentage, but instead it’s the circumstances under which she was put into hiding? What if the reason she was put away on the plant of Jakku is the result of something much bigger and more meaningful than we ever assumed…

We know that Rey was sent away after Kylo Ren laid waste to Luke Skywalkers new round of Jedi students. Kylo and his merry band of Knights of Ren wreaked havok upon Skywalker’s students killing them all, although it’s somewhat implied that Rey may have been the sole survivor. This is where the meat of my theory develops. While this may or may not true, what if one of Luke’s now deceased students was also a person of some importance. What if one of Luke’s viciously murdered pupils was in fact his own son, or even more to the point, Rey’s brother.


Yeah, that’s right, maybe Rey isn’t the only offspring of Jedi Master Skywalker. Perhaps Luke fell in love with a young force sensitive women he met directly after the battle of Jakku and they had children. What if they not only had children, but what if they had twins…


Under this light, the reveal of Luke as Rey’s father would fall into the obvious, but if the reason she was sent away was because her brother’s fate was ultimately met at the hands of their cousin, it would deliver the kind of shock and awe that we’re expecting from the big reveal. We would also presume that Kylo Ren would’ve wanted her dead as well forcing an urgency to send her into protective exile. It would also explain why/how she landed on Jakku. It’s been implied that she was left under the watchful eye of some former allies and perhaps those allies happened to be former acquaintances of the potential Ms. Skywalker.

This of course begs the question of what exactly then happened to the bride of Skywalker, which could be one of numerous things. Maybe after depositing her daughter on the her home planet of Jakku she was captured by the First Order and was ultimately executed by Kylo Ren. She could still be a prisoner of the First Order or she could have rejoined the Rebel Alliance and is just someone we haven’t met yet. All of these things are possible, so it’s hard to predict really which is more likely, but all come with a variety of interesting story potential.

This would also have had a big and emotional impact on Kylo Ren sending him deeper down the spiral to the dark side. While we are shown that Kylo ‘Ben’ Ren ‘Solo’ is conflicted within the force, the fact that he killed a young family member earlier on in the story would help to justify the way he dispatched of his father, Han Solo (spoiler alert?!), thereby completing his descent to the dark side. It would also explain the obvious curiosity shown by Ren toward Rey and his desire to lure her away from the light side of the force.

This theory also helps to somewhat tie back to the stories from the Star Wars Legends materials, at least to some degree. In Legends, Han and Leia were the parents to force sensitive twins, Jaina and Jacen Solo, whereas Luke and his wife, Mara Jade, had one son, Ben Skywalker (aptly named after Luke’s mentor, Obi Wan Kenobi). In the films, Han and Leia use the name Ben and it’s been implied that he’s their only child, although not confirmed. In order to make the films slightly different in a way that keeps fans both old and new engaged, it could be that Luke Skywalker was instead bestowed with twins. This keeps a level of familiarity while allowing things to be presented in a slightly new way with the death of one adding emotional and psychological weight to the story.


Okay, so what do you think? Is there something here? Is there something to this? Are there potential hints in The Force Awakens that might confirm this to be true, or is this all a bunch of hogwash? Please let me know you’re thoughts and theories by posting them in the comments section below and if you need to catch up and re-watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens again, you can watch it for free with a one week STARZ free trial through Amazon Prime! Happy watching!

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