Spider-Man: Homecoming; New Set Photos and Piecing Together Casting Rumors


With Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War officially done and over with, we’re now on to speculating about the next big thing and that is without question the upcoming Marvel/Sony collaboration project, Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

Since Tom Holland’s big screen debut as our favorite web-slinger, the newest Spider-Man movie is all anybody can seem to talk about despite the fact that Marvel’s Dr. Strange is literally coming up right around the corner. Nevertheless, the casting announcements keep on coming and the rumor mill is spinning.

First it came in that Michael Keaton would be joining the cast and he will most likely, according to most of the chatter out there, be playing legendary Spider-Man villain, the Vulture. This is an interesting and welcome idea in my book. Keaton is always fantastic and if he plays the Vulture anything close to the way he portrayed his character in last years Birdman, we’re definitely in for something good.

We’ve also been hearing that in addition to the Vulture, we’ll also be seeing the Tinkerer, which again, would be absolutely amazing as it gives the MCU a classic villain that helps to explain away some of the weirder tech that the bad guys all too often seem to get their hands on. Currently it’s being speculated that the Tinker could be played by Logan Marshall-Green of Prometheus fame.

Another rumor has Better Call Saul’s, Michael Mando, potentially taking on the Carnage mantle. While that would be absolutely phenomenal, it’s a little worrying considering how the Spider-Man films of yesteryear so often suffered from plot overrun with villains. That’s one of the biggest things that we were hoping that they’d steer away from, but, with that being said, Marvel Studios has a unique way of working in smaller villains in clever ways that really do help to advance the overall plot (think Crossbones in Civil War or Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2). It would also be a little weird to sidestep the whole symbiot/Venom plot lines and head right to Carnage, but again, I’m not so sure this one will pan out the way many are speculating.

There’s also the addition of Donald Glover, Hannibal Buress, and Abraham Attah. It’s largely being speculated, and I would actually expect this to pan out in some fashion, that Spider-Man: Homecoming will actually somehow involve an origin story for Miles Morales. If you’re wondering who that is, he was the new Spider-Man in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe after Peter Parker was killed. He’s since been brought over into the primary continuity where both Parker and Morales serve as Spider-Man. The character of Miles Morales was actually based off of an online campaign for Donald Glover to play the web-slinger back when they were casting for the Amazing Spider-Man series which eventually went to Andrew Garfield. Fans response to Glover was so well received that it was adopted into the comic books and eventually brought to the animated world where he was in fact voiced by Glover.

At this point Glover is probably past the age range to play Morales, but Morales is actually the nephew of an old Spider-Man villain/anti-hero, the Prowler. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Glover bring this character to life as part of the development for the Morales story-line. No matter how they play it, don’t expect to see Miles Morales suit-up in this particular movie, but it is really exciting to know that they could be setting up their own version of the Spider-Verse.

In addition to all that news, entertainment website, Looper, let loose with some new set photos that showoff Holland sporting the spider-suit. I’ll leave you with those for now, but I’m sure I’ll have some more stuff on this sooner than letter, so be sure to check back soon!

SpiderManHomecomingSetphoto1 SpiderManHomecomingSetphoto2 SpiderManHomecomingSetphoto3

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