Sizzle Reels; DC Unloads at NYCC With Gotham, Arrow, Flash, and More!


DC dropped off a giant load of goodies in regards to their current run of TV shows at this years New York Comic Con, including the full sizzle reels for the current seasons of The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham.

While all three shows have already started, in fact, Gotham is already three episodes deep, these reels give us a good solid look at what’s to come with glimpses into how what we’ve already seen will continue to develop throughout the season.

The Flash reel gives us some of our first great shots of the speedsters infamous villain, Zoom, along with a bit of dialog and banter between the hero and his nemesis. We also catch a glimpse of Vandal Savage, an immortal DC villain who will inevitably wind up being the antagonist to the characters on the upcoming DC/CW show, Legends of Tomorrow.

The Arrow reel gives us a lot of what we’ve already seen in the first episode, with flashes of a few other things to come. We get to see the return of Sarah Lance who we know will be moving over to Legends of Tomorrow as a new character, the White Canary. We see some of what we’ve already seen of Damien Darhk, but we do learn that Ray “The Atom” Palmer isn’t dead, yet lies in some sort of undefined state of crisis for which Felicity Smoak seems to feel responsible for. What that is we’ll have just have to wait and see.

The Gotham reel is an incredible six minutes long, with the first 3 minutes recapping what we’ve already seen in the first three episodes. The biggest gift this reel gives us is full scene introducing Michael Chiklis’s, Captain Nathaniel Barnes, as busts in giving the cops of the GCPD an ear-full of what will no longer be tolerated. It’s got us jonesing pretty hard to see Chiklis hit the ground running and curious as to how he and Gordon will work together given Gordon’s current relationship with the Penguin on the show.

Have you been watching The Flash, Arrow, or Gotham? What do you think of these reels? Some of them definitely give a little bit more than the others, but which one is your favorite and what show are you most looking forward to see develop? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and you can watch all three sizzle reels here.

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