See Nerdstoned at This Year’s CONvergence 2016!


Guess what folks?!?!

Okay, are you done guessing yet?

You sure? Maybe one more?

Okay, fine… this year, you’ll be able to see me live and in person at one of the Twin Cities’ biggest comic conventions, CONvergence (but you may have already inferred that from the title of this post)!

Anywho… I’ll be speaking on three different panels which I’m listing below for your convenience, but if you can, please come by and check it out or if you see me wondering around, give me a good solid shout out! This will be my first con and I couldn’t be more excited!


Saturday, July 2nd

Jessica Jones: 8:30pm

Sunday, July 3rd

Marvel TV Year in Review: 11:00am

Deadpool: 2:00pm

Hope to see you there!!!

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