Screen Junkies Drops “Age of Ultron” Honest Trailer



If there were to be any one thing that we’ve been waiting for outside of Age of Ultron coming out on Blu-Ray next week, it’s the Honest Trailer for Age of Ultron from our friends over at Screen Junkies.

While their Honest Trailer for the first Avengers nearly killed us with laughter by including lines like, “From director Joss Whedon, God of the nerds,” this one tries to break our heart with statements like, “We broke Joss Whedon!”

In true Screen Junkies fashion, they get in quite a few good ribs and while we’re fine with them nitpicking apart Ultron for humors sake, this is their one pass. If they make fun of Ultron 13 or 14 more times, I swear…

Just kidding.

Anyway, watch this because it’s awesome and then watch the original one below, which is still great despite the fact that it doesn’t have Epic Voice Guy, Jon Baily.

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