Say What?! Deadpool 2 Already Gets its Green Light


Well, in a strange twist of fate it would appear that Deadpool 2 has been given the greenlight go ahead from the movie studio just two days ahead of the first films actual opening. It would seem as though the test audiences have been behind the film, a movie that was never meant to be, in a big way and Fox Studios is listening.

After Wolverine: Origins all but decimated the idea for a Deadpool movie with the studio, leaked test footage sent fans in a frenzy and the studio had almost no choice but to go ahead with the project. Deadpool lead, Ryan Reynolds, had been petitioning for a Deadpool movie even before the release of Wolverine, but the skeptical studio opted to test out the character in the film while choosing to abandon everything that the fans loved about the character.

The folks at Hollywood Reporter, however, are reporting that the film, set to launch this Friday, February 12th, is projected to take in between $65-70M in its opening weekend. Not too shabby for a film they originally tried to scrap. Not only that, but apparently the studio is set on keeping the same creative team that developed the first film, although director Tim Miller has yet to officially sign on.

Are you planning on seeing Deadpool this weekend? If so, check out our spoiler free review! Does it help get you excited for the movie knowing that the studio has already given a thumbs up in a sequel? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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