Sarah Michelle Gellar to Play Sith Inquisitor in Star Wars; Rebels


In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar, has finally gone and told us who she’ll be playing in the upcoming season of Star Wars; Rebels.

While many speculated that she might provide the voice for Princess Leia, it’s actually been revealed that her role swings toward the dark side of the force. In fact, Gellar will be playing the new Sith Inquisitor known as The Seventh Sister.

“My character believes that Ahsoka is back and she’s trying to track down Ahsoka as well as the rebels and just kill them all,” explains Gellar.

Her fixation on Ahsoka could actually be a little telling in terms of her actual role in Rebels…

:::Potential Spoilereez:::

Could this Seventh Sister in fact mark the return of Asajj Ventress? In The Clone Wars, Ventress was a member of the Nightsisters which could elude to her ‘Seventh Sister’ name and her fixation on Anakin Skywalkers young padawn, Ahsoka Tano, would be justified given their previous canonical history and longing to kill her masters former apprentice.

:::End Potential Spoilereez:::

It also sounds as though she’ll develop a special yet meniacle relationship with the show’s lead, lone Jedi, Kanan Jarrus. “She definitely plays cat and mouse with Kannan,” tells SMG, “all Inquisitors want to mess with Jedi, I mean, that’s why we’re put on this Earth, or galaxy I should say.

Kanan Jarrus is of course voiced by Gellar’s longtime real life husband, Freddie Prinze Jr

What do you think of Gellar’s move to the dark side and could she turn out to be Asajj Ventress? Are you excited to see her go all evil like or are should she be playing Leia instead? Let us know what you think in the comments section blow.

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