Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 is a Thing and It Has a Trailer


It’s almost unbelievable for a variety of reasons, but earlier today Universal Studios dropped a trailer for one of the most unlikely movie reboot/deboots that absolutely nobody was asking for.

It would appear that pop-cinema director, Roger Corman, is back and feeling the need for speed, death, and destruction as he’s bringing his dystopian-sci-fi-political-satire-race-thriller back for a whole new generation to awkwardly experience with Death Race 2050.

It’s sad to say, but at this point more people probably recognize the Death Race franchise as that bad, 2008, Jason Statham smash’em up that spawned a slew of even worse sequels. Well folks, this ain’t that. This is a throw back to the cult classic political satire that started it all, Roger Corman’s original Death Race 2000,  which originally released in 1975 starring both an extremely young, pre-Rocky, Sylvester Stalone and a post Kung Fu, David Carradine.

The new film stars Manu Bennet (Arrow) as the new Frankenstien (originally played by David Carradine) and Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange, Tank Girl) as the Chairman, who is a character that we assume will replace Sandy McCullum’s, Mr President, from the original film. It’s currently hard to tell if this is supposed to be a remake of the original or a sequel to. There are elements that point to both, but nothing definitive so far.

This new film definitely looks to be grasping for the camp factor that the 1975 straight-to-video original had, but it’s also got the benefit of upgraded effects and cinematography to help bring it up to speed. If this is any indication of what the film has to offer, the opening line of the new trailer boldly declares, “Citizens of the United Corporations of America, welcome to the Death Race.”

The trailer also has other obvious callbacks to the original which include a point structure for the various carnage caused during the race (10 points for running over adults and 50 points for senior citizens). We’ve also got the inclusion of Hunger Games-esque characters in terms of the announcers and commentators and a whole lot of crazy cars.

All in all, this movie looks pretty fun and seems to capture the over-the-top nature of the original which is the kind of movie you’ll see show up on a lot of people’s ‘so bad it’s good’ lists.

So what are your thoughts on the new Death Race trailer? Are you pumped for the politically driven carnage or was this franchise best left to Statham? As always, give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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