Robert Englund Says He Would Do Another Nightmare on Elm Street


We’ve had one reboot already and there’s talks of another one on the way, but if one very special man has his way, we could get a sequel to the original franchise instead.

At a recent comic con, Robert Englund himself proclaimed his willingness to return to stalking the children of Elm Street by rejoining the franchise resurrecting his most iconic and infamous character, Freddy Kruger. This is tremendous news for fans who were largely lukewarm (at best) about the 2010 reboot starring Jackie Earle Haley. While fans praised the initial casting of Haley, the end result was a mess that left fans wondering what the hell had happened.

Englund’s role as Freddy Kruger helped to reinvent slasher horror as he tortured the children of Elm Street in their sleep for the sins of their parents. In regards to being asked about the remakes of the film, Englund offered up some interesting advice, stating that, “You don’t do remakes! I would do ‘Freddy 9’, you know? Or I would do ‘Freddy vs Michael Myers’. Or I would do a prequel.”

Freddy Vs. Michael Myers, huh?

He also had some interesting insight into what helped to make the character so interesting and horrifying to begin with. According to Englund, “You can imagine Freddy to be anything you want. My theory is the word “child killer”, there’s something darkly… darkly poetic about that. It’s a very frightening phrase. Child killer! That should be enough. And I think there’s something symbolic about being a child killer. He kills children because children are their future and there’s no place for Freddy in the future. And it’s revenge on the parents! It’s the most painful thing a parent can do is to lose a child before they die. I mean, I can’t imagine how anybody…how any adults or parents survive that, the death of a child. So that’s nasty enough!”

In the interview, Englund also had a few thoughts on potential future interpretations on the character, claiming that, “I’d like to see ‘Nightmare in the Hood’! I would! I think it’d be really interesting to do a line of, like, retro 80’s hip hop ones and get a black actor to play “Freddy” and all the kids are, like, hip hop. Just do it the same!”

So what do you think? Should Englund return to the Freddy franchise or should he leave it to Hollywood’s notorious rebooters? Would you like to see Freddy square off against Michael Meyers or would you prefer to see him get the Leprechaun treatment? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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