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CBS has let us in on the fact that DC’s Red Tornado will be joining the roster of characters on the upcoming prime-time television series, Supergirl. Red Tornado is a silver age character that originally debuted in 1968 in the Justice League as a tool of the evil supervillan, T.O. Marrow (worst villain name ever?!).

Red Tornado’s history is complicated at best, but in short, he’s an android that’s been merged with a cosmic entity originally known as the “Tornado Champion” because, get this, he bested an entity called “Ulthoon, The Tornado Tyrant of Rann”. If you want to read more on the character and have some evidence that we’re not lying, here’s the link to the wiki.

Red Tornado will be played by actor Iddo Goldberg who had previously been seen in things like Defiance, The Tourist, and Salem. According to CBS, Goldberg, “will guest star as the wickedly powerful Red Tornado in the upcoming season of Supergirl. Designed for the army by scientist T.O. Morrow, Red Tornado is the world’s most nefarious android who is capable of devastating National City.”

For those that are even quazi-familiar, the character, with the help of the JLA, overcomes Marrow and goes on to be a hero and JLA/JSA member. We’re guessing that his introduction to the show will follow a similar path, sans te comic entity, and that while he’ll initially be introduced as a villian, he’ll become a hero and likely reoccurring cast member somewhere down the road, but then again, only time will tell.

Now, there’s likely going to be a lot of back and forth on the inclusion of Red Tornado on Supergirl, but the best thing we’ve seen so far is a Tweet from Screen Junkies star, Nick Mundy, who had this to say:

1  Nick Mundy   dickfundy    Twitter

Obviously comics are good and great and all that, but yeah, maybe this isn’t the greatest way to go, but then again, who knows, maybe it’ll be fancredible? Also, doesn’t he look more like a Sith then he does an Android? There’s just something about seeing something that’s essentially just Data in red-face that’s a little unnerving…

Here’s a fun fact, this version of Red Tornado is actually the second to appear in DC comics. The originally being a golden age character that was both one of the very first (and Wikipedia notes maybe even the VERY first) female heros as well as one of the first hero comic parodies.

Seriously, how cool would it have been for CBS to co-opt the first version of the Red Tornado and instead of having a dull dude android, had a wise cracking woman with neat tornado powers? Let us know which version you’d prefer to see in the comments section below.


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