Play ‘Fire Dance With Me’; the Twin Peaks Video Game You’ve Been Waiting For


Feel like you’re trapped in the black lodge waiting for the new season of Twin Peaks to start? Well, instead of waiting for the owls to announce Showtime’s 2017 release date, someone with the user name of calavera has created an incredible Twin Peaks themed internet game, that’s sure to claim the rest of your life, or at the very least, drive you mad with fun!

The game, called Fire Dance With Me, is an 8-bit homage to the show’s dream dungeon that plays like Dance Dance Revolution. Play as Special Agent Dale Cooper, the sultry Audrey Horn, distraught Leland Palmer, the backwards talking smooth dancing dwarf, or the ever loving log!

The game was submitted as part of a contest where developers were asked to, “make one (or more) short, player vs. player games, 30 seconds, win or lose, just like last year’s BARFCADE, but this year, we want you to populate the outlaw flea markets of our minds with knockoffs and bootlegs of other games that are just weird enough to not get you sued.”

Voting for the contest ends tomorrow (10/01/2015) so get to playing and voting RIGHT NOW! Seriously, this is addictive and you have been 100% warned…

Click on the screen shot below to go to the game:


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