Now Fox News Declares War on Star Wars; What Is Their Problem & Why Do They Hate Fun?


In today’s bout of WTF news, it would appear that the folks over at Fox have taken their fun hating and media bashing to our favorite galaxy far far away. In a recent on air interview/quasi-discussion, Fox anchor Neil Cavuto and correspondent Carley Shimkus took to taking on Star Wars because “they don’t get it.”

Cavuto and Shimkus take the anti-Star Wars side of the debate while they bring in some guy named Mike Gunzelman who’s very first statement in rebuttal to they naysayers “what’s wrong with people” approach, he states, “There’s plenty wrong with me, let’s be honest.”

Why to go to bat for the team guy…

In addition to that, he basically argues that it’s a good vs. evil film directed by J.J. Abrams so what’s not to love.

Okay now, for real, whether you’re the religious type when it comes to Star Wars or a casual fan, the Gunzelman’s real response should’ve just been, “It’s a classic space sci-fi story that’s a lot of fun and why do you care? Why hate on it during a 24 hour ‘news’ show or just stick to straight, uncontaminated reporting on the ticket sales? Why are you trying to piss in everyones garden?”

It’s not really even worth watching, but the folks at Star Wars Junk went ahead and posted the clip to YouTube, so if you’re interested, by my guest, but be warned; there’s so some serious stupidity ahead…


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