New X-Men: Apocalypse Tells Us What We Already Knew


With the launch of their newest trailer, which debuted as a TV spot during last weekends Superbowl, the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer doesn’t really seem to bring a whole lot of new elements to the table.

Set to a somber remix of a medicore Coldplay song, the two primary pieces of dialog involve Mystique explaining that it’s time to, “go to war,” and Professor X whimpering about how, “Apocalpyse means to destroy this world.”

There’s also Apocalypse rehashing what has essentially been Magneto’s plan from the get go; destroy the world and then build a new and better one under mutant rule. Well, this is all well and good, but when the primary antagonists name is ‘Apocalypse’ how is his aim going to be anything other than to destroy the world and how are our primary protagonists not going to go to war to prevent that from happening. They’ve gone to war against Magneto how many times now?

While we’re looking forward to seeing this film upon it’s release, we tend to be a little hesitant about what we’re going to be given. Days of Future Past turned out pretty well, but with Apocalypse hot on it’s heals, how is it going to set itself apart and differentiate itself from the rest of the franchise. We see a shot of Apocalypse choking Mystique and if he kills her, it wouldn’t be the first time the franchise killed off a major character. In Last Stand we saw the deaths of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor X and while that cannon has been written over due to the events of DOFP, it doesn’t mean that the gravity of those deaths has entirely gone away.

If singers last attempt at an X-Men film results in the unnecessary deaths of main characters for the sake of pure drama, then we wind up with exactly what Brett Ratner did with Last Stand. Singer is a smarter director than that, usually, so we’re hoping that the film develops some more gravity other than just another end of the world, Apocalypse story.

Obviously we won’t be getting the Age of Apocalypse story from the comics as that would resonate too closely with casual fans to the events of DOFP, so it feels as though we’re left with a big bad who wants to take over the world and only our heroes can stop him.

Again, we’re hoping that they play this out in a way that is unique and in the spirit of the X-Men, but only time will tell. What do you think, do you think Singer is going to pull this off or will Fox wind up with another mediocre Marvel film. As always, let us know in the comments section below.

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