New Star Wars Episode VII Rumors; How Real Could They Be?



This week has been a flurry for somewhat odd (yet not really) Star Wars rumors. As we get closer and closer to the release of the film, which is still over 3 months away, the world of nerd analysts is a flutter with a variety of predictions and forecasts. The latest rumor, however, has gotten many of us wondering, excited, and filled with anxiety.

The biggest new rumor to take off running this week includes an old friend from the Star Wars universe, or shall we say, an old enemy. According to a variety of sources, the newest film will seek to resurrect Darth Vader. The rumor further goes on to suggest that Hayden Christian could potentially come back to reprise his role as Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker.

:::insert horrible groan here:::

According to the people at Making Star Wars, they were told that, “A team in the U.K. are soon heading to the U.S. to begin training Hayden Christensen for a Star Wars: Episode VIII appearance of some sort.”

:::insert additional horrible groans here:::

For many, the rumor of bringing Hayden Christensen back into the fold is akin to the return of Jar Jar Binks, so it seems almost impossible to believe that they’d venture into that territory, but let’s think about this for a minute…

One of our early predictions, made over a year ago, set into motion an idea about the return of Emperor Palpatine, either having been somehow resurrected using the force or through pre-established cloning methods thereby giving new life to the dark side of the force. It’s clear that from the new footage and imagery available from the upcoming Episode VII, that baddie Kylo Ren will in fact harbor some kind of fascination with the dead Darth, which includes footage of Ren’s mask having clearly taken its design from that of Vader’s. There’s also the image of Vader’s burnt and destroyed mask indicating that Ren has or will somehow come into it’s possession. There also seems to be a lot of hubbub surrounding Luke’s original lightsaber from Episode IV, which of course originally belonged to his father, Anakin.

There are a lot of connections here and some solid potential for at least some of this to be fact, but the inclusion of Vader does NOT necessarily mean that the inclusion of Christensen be mandatory, or does it?

When it was originally announced that J.J. Abrams would be taking the lead on Episode VII, we all collectively lost our nerd-minds because that’s obviously a great pick. As time has gone on, however, and we learned that Abrams wouldn’t be back for either of the trilogies sequels, we started to wonder a bit. Could it be that Abrams opted to not direct the sequels when he learned that the plan was to bring back Hayden Christensen? Is it feasible that he knew better and decided to not commit himself to the projects knowing that his inclusion could potentially railroad the whole project? Of course that’s wild speculation and as one would imagine, we would guess that Abrams will continue to support the film franchise no matter what happens, but is it possible?

We also have to ask if that means that Christensen will reprise his role in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off, Rouge One, which as of yet has not confirmed the inclusion of Darth Vader, but come on, of course he’s going to be in it.

Anyway, what do you think about the potential return of Hayden Christensen to the franchise? Do you think he deserves another chance or was his rotten performance in the sequel trilogy enough to get him banned from the universe entirely? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.


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