New ‘Star Trek; Beyond’ Trailer has Villains That Look Oddly Familiar, but Are They?


While this week will see the release of J.J. Abrams newest and highly anticipated sci-fi space epic, Star Wars; the Force Awakens, we’re nearing the 3 year mark since the last time we were able to boldly go where no one has go before. Initially J.J.’s departure from the Star Trek franchise seemed to have set off a round of studio turmoil, but it looks as though the films new director, Justin Lin (Fast & the Furious), has been able to get all his ducks in a row and is finally giving us our first look back into the world of the legendary starship, Enterprise.

The trailer was released this morning in response to a German version having been leaked early (it wasn’t supposed to be released until this Friday), it appears that we’re catching up with Kirk & crew during the swell of their 5 year deep space mission.

Rumors have long studded the internet suggesting that the story for the new film could likely center around the possibility of a confrontation between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire (as the previous film seemed to indicate), but instead the trailer shows us brave new worlds filled with a variety new aliens and endeavors that look largely unfamiliar. The trailer shows us the destruction of the USS Enterprise, which actually appears to take place fairly early on in the film, leaving the crew scattered and stranded on an unknown planet struggling for survival while coming into contact with several unknown alien races.

Despite the fact that we know that The Wire star, Idris Elba, is set to play the films primary antagonist, it’s entirely unknown as to what species his villain will be, but if you ask us, his alien character looks to be a little reminiscent of the Jem’Hedar, a genetically bred warrior race that serves the Dominion and the primary antagonists on the 1990’s series, Deep Space Nine.


While this seems like a leap, especially since the Jem’Hedar didn’t initially come into contact with the Federation for a few hundred years after Kirk’s Enterprise, if you look at the two side by side you can certainly see the similarities. Furthermore, if you take into consideration of the revamped Klingon design from Star Trek; Into Darkness, it stylistically makes sense.


Is it possible that in this new continuity and timeline that the Dominion has somehow made an earlier, preliminary attack on the Alpha quadrant? If so is Bajor no longer a thing? The worm hole? Will we get to see some Cardassians in this film (as in Dukat, not Kim)?

While it’s all pure speculation at this point, we imagine that Star Trek fans all across the internet are in a frenzy right now trying to identify what’s what and are surly dissecting the trailer frame by frame. In fact, the only thing that we do know at this point is that we’ve already got our tickets to Star Wars and seriously, first things first folks.


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