New Jessica Jones Trailer Demonstrates the Creepiness of David Tennant’s The Purple Man


We’ve been getting a lot of crazy awesome previews from the Jessica Jones camp as of late and each one keeps upping the ante.

In the latest trailer, we not only get to see the titular characters face, but we also get some creepy narrative from Doctor Who star, David Tennant’s, The Purple Man.

The trailer shows Jones peicemealing together news paper snippets for what we can only assume is a case that she’s working, while Tennant’s Purple Man explains how he already knows everything about Jones, her friends, and her special abilities.

The Purple Man is a long running Marvel villain that originally debuted as a nemesis to Daredevil. He has the unique ability to produce special pheromones that allow him to control the actions of others through verbal commands.

This comes hot on the heals of several other trailers including another one that demonstrates Jessica Jones incredible jumping abilities. We’ve included both trailers below, but just how excited are you to see Marvel’s Jessica Jones? The show hit’s Netflix on November 20th, 2015.

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