New Japanese Star Wars; The Force Awakens Trailer Is Amazing With Tons of New Footage


Just when we thought that we were done getting fun new Star Wars stuff up until the release of the movie next month, the J.J. Abrams camp goes right ahead and slaps a new little awesome nugget into our hands.

Today they released a Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens, but this trailer bares little resemblance to any that we’ve seen so far.

While the trailer features a lot of brand new, previously unseen footage, it does play particularly close attention to Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, which is a good indicator that she might turn out to be the movies main protagonist. It’s largely been up in the air in regard to who the primary lead would be, John Boyega’s, Finn, or Ridley’s, Rey, but based on this trailer, we’re guessing that Rey will be the true character to watch out for.

Well, without further ado, here’s the new trailer for you to nerd out over, but please let us know what you think or about any theories that you might have by leaving us a comment below.

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