Netflix’s New Iron Fist Trailer Drops Like a Rock


The news out of #NYCC is kicking up and just today Netflix dropped their newest trailer for next years, Marvel’s Iron Fist. We already got the teaser taste a few months ago for the San Diego Comic Con and then another date announcement teaser right after Luke Cage went live, but now we get a full on trailer giving us a deeper insight into Marvel’s “last defender.”

This property will be unlike any of the others that Marvel has given us in terms of it’s Netflix properties so far. This one features some truly fantastic elements and we’re given a little bit of a glimpse of that in the new trailer.

While there’s still a lot to know about Danny Rand/Iron Fist and how he’ll be portrayed in his new show, we do see that in this universe he’ll be someone of note, just as he is the comic book, but the trailer seems to imply that because of who he is, he will always be a target. Again, this isn’t entirely out of line from the comic books as the character is the heir to a billion dollar corporation and his father was murdered at the hands of a colleague seeking the families fortune. It would appear that Iron Fist may be following a revenge story line for  Rand. We also get to see the signature glowing ‘Iron Fists’.

Marvel’s Iron Fist is set to hit Netflix on March 17th, 2017.

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