My Top 10 Movie Picks for Halloween Week


It’s horror movie season and we couldn’t be happier. Halloween Week is the perfect time to bust out all of the old horror classics and binge watch them until your brain bleeds!

With that being said, we wanted to go through and pick our top 10 favorite movies to watch during the Halloween season, including slasher flicks, supernatural horror, psychological thrillers, and of course the extra gory comedies. These are the films that we just can’t ever stop going back to for better of for worse, so without further ado, may we present to you, our Top 10 Halloween Week movie playlist!

Primal Fear:


Before there was Fight Club, there was Primal Fear. While not so much a horror movie as it is a solid thriller, Ed Norton delivers one of his all time best film performances as a young alter boy charged with the murder of a high ranking member of the local clergy. A hot shot defense attorney (Richard Gere) comes to his defense only to find that things aren’t exactly as they seem.

Rosemary’s Baby:


Sometimes old-school is the way to go and this film nails the slow burn horror like few others. After becoming pregnant, a young woman fears that her pregnancy might be something a bit more than your average child rearing. At what point are you just paranoid or do you decide that everyone around you is actually out to get you.

The Omen:


There’s just something about movies with creepy children that are just the creepiest. This one sets the gold standard as a young child is “born” to affluent political parents. Featuring not only creepy kids, but also creepy nannies and dogs, this movie perfectly encapsulates the birth and inevitable rise of the Antichrist.

Child’s Play:


If there’s anything creepier than creepy kids, it’s creepy dolls. When an odd, socially awkward kid comes into the possession of an actually possessed doll, the hilarity ensues as the former serial killer tries to find his way out of his new found plastic body and into a new human so that his killing spree can continue.

The Ring:


When it comes to modern horror films, The Ring helps to set a new standard and might just take the title for “King of Jump-Scare Movies”. As if the thought of VHS tapes aren’t horrifying enough, imagine a world where they not only lead to your imminent doom, but they slow torture you for a full week first. Oh yeah, this movie has a creepy kid too, so there’s also that.

Shallow Grave:


Before he did films like JobsA Life Less Ordinary, and The Beach, came director Danny Boyle’s film debut, Shallow Grave. Introducing audiences to a young Ewen McGreggor, this film is a mind twist thriller laced with all kinds of uncomfortable humor. What happens when you pickup a new flatmate only to have them die and leave no trace of their past and a suit case full of money? You and your other flatmates devise a plan that will inevitably allow to keep your newly acquired funds, but nothing is ever that simple, especially when the paranoia sets in.

Shawn of the Dead:


When a film comes along that can properly incorporate perfectly timed comedic beats and shear terror, you’ve got yourself a winner. Shawn of the Dead knocks the horror/comedy genre out of the park with it’s impeccable wit and well timed jump scares making it an absolute standout when it comes to when it comes to zombie flicks.

Nightmare on Elm Street:


This is basically my ideal slasher movie as it incorporates a real world creepy story and morphs it into something supernaturally horrifying and intense. When a local child abuser is struck down by a bout of vigilante justice, he comes back from the dead to not only haunt the dreams of his murders children, but also claims their lives as retribution.

Evil Dead II:


As good as Shawn of the Dead is, it wouldn’t even be a thing if it wasn’t for Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s, Evil Dead series. While the first one is great, the second installment offers a slight re-imagining of the story while upping the ante in the terror department. While this movie offers some of the creepiest scenes and visuals ever, it manages to maintain the comedic beats that ultimately sell us on our slap-sticky hero. It’s also the movie that taught us what a metric ton of blood looks like.

The Exorcist:


When it comes to horror, I just don’t believe that it gets better than The Exorcist. Sure, it’s your basic possession story, but it plays out beautifully and goes to the effort of exhausting all possible options before settling on the supernatural, giving viewers a true sense of the families frustration and fear as the possession progresses. The priests aren’t hokey nor do they initially suspect possession, but in the end it is what it is and they’re left with no other option, but at what cost will it take to reclaim a little girls soul from the grasp of a demon?

BONUS PICK: Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare before christmas

There’s just something about this movie that will always make me happy. It’s the perfect way to transition from fall into the horrible depths of winter. Featuring beautifully done claymation and a perfectly creepy, yet somehow palatable and sing-a-longable soundtrack, it’s really a perfect film for people of all ages and showcases that, at least once upon a time, Tim Burton really could make magic happen.


So, what do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your must watch movies? If we did, what are your picks? In the interest of civil discourse, we’d love to know what your favorite kind of Halloween movies are and which ones specifically should we all be watching. As always, let us know in the comments section below!

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