Marvel’s Joe Quesada Laughs Off Idea That Iron Fist Isn’t In Development


In a recent IGN interview, Marvel executive, Joe Quesada, laughed off the rumors that their upcoming Netflix show, Iron Fist, would be scrapped due to production and idea difficulties and would instead be replaced by the Punisher.

While being most indirect with a lot of the questions asked by IGN, Quesada responded pretty frankly when asked about Iron Fist, asking back, “Where did you read these rumors? The internet? Then they must be true!”

Rumors have long been flooding the internet that Marvel had been having issues coming up with a solid story and approach to their classic character and were afraid that viewers would have a hard time relating to the mystical aspects of the show. While these seems somewhat reasonable in a world were Daredevil exists, Jessica Jones, which debuts later this week features characters with heightened super powers, although hers are not rooted in magic. It was said that Marvel would instead pursue a Punisher series as it seems to fit the dark nature of their Netflix programming better.

Iron Fist would follow the character, Danny Rand, an accomplished martial artist who has the ability to focus his chi to the point where he can wield the mystical force known as the Iron Fist.

You can watch the full interview with Quesada below.



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