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We’ve been hearing for quite a while now that the next installment of the Wolverine solo film franchise would focus on the now infamous story line, Old Man Logan. While many fans have gone completely bonkers at the idea of seeing that story brought to life (in a good way), the story relies heavily on characters that 20th Century Fox doesn’t currently have the film rights too, including Hawkeye, the Hulk, and the Red Skull.

It’s been largely assumed that this story line would be nothing shy of impossible to make due to this, but in a recent interview with IGN, comic book writer Mark Millar took the time to explain why he thinks the story could not only work, but is actually perfect for the X-Men film universe.

In it, Millar suggests that tightening things up to only include things from the direct X-Men film universe could actually benefit the story. So, long story made extremely short while not including any large spoilers for the book, the comic largely centers on a cross-country road trip with Wolverine and Hawkeye through a future world run by the Red Skull. Millar suggests that the road trip and the characters own self discovery are truly the focus and the travel companion is fairly irrelevant, suggesting that Hawkeye could easily be replaced with someone like Cyclops or that the Hulk could be replaced by the Blob.

Here’s a fun bit of fan speculation for you; what if the travel companion were to be the “father figure” version of Professor X that’s supposed to be reprized by Patrick Stewart in the upcoming film. That would actually be amazing and we’ve kind of gotten ourselves a little excited over the idea, but remember, you heard that hear first folks!

What do you think; would you like to see an Old Man Logan film where Prof. X takes the place of Hawkeye and Magneto takes the place of the Red Skull? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Watch the full interview below:

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