Mad Max: What Happens After Fury Road?


After Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller appeared on the BBC’s Top Gear this weekend and talked about how hard it was to get Max back on the big-screen due to setbacks caused by 9/11, budget hurdles, and recasting, we were given a little nugget of gold when he announced that they actually have the material for two additional scripts.

What that means for us; we’ve got at least two more Mad Max movies on the way!

You can read more about what Miller had to say here.

This grand announcement got our gears turning thinking about where Miller could take Max and or Furiosa on their next adventure. For no good reason at all, beyond that fact that it seemed like a lot of fun, we went ahead and put together a few plot synopsis of our own. Think of it as forecasting fan fiction, but just in case on the off chance that we could be right, these could constitute as potential spoilers, so read ahead only if you think that we’re not smart enough to possibly get any of this right.

1) Furiosa Dies Hard:

In the wake of Immortan Joe’s death, Furiosa is forced to run the Citadel herself, evenly rationing the resources amongst everyone. She’s betrayed by a group of war boys who still hold to the mythological ideals of the old regime. The war boys form an alliance with a tyrant from bullet town who arrives with a team of sharpshooters. When they execute the Citadel’s defenders and take over the city, it’s up to Furiosa and the band of former wives to take the back the compound using their intimate knowledge of the city’s inner workings.


2) Mad Max: A Fist Full of Guzzoline:

Just like Clint Eastwood’s man with no name, Mad Max arrives in a town where a war between two families is bleeding into the streets. Max convinces both faction leaders that there’s a tanker full of Guzzoline out in the desert that’s ripe for the plucking. It turns out there is, but it’s filled with sand. Both families go to war for the gas while Max scurries to get the townsfolk out of harms way. Max lays traps around town and takes the remaining fighters out himself.


Mad Max V. Civilization; 

Max Rockatansky has had to face off against more than his fair share of barbarous warlords hell bent on total control through the only means they know how; pure horse power. Now, for the first time, Max has to face off against an entirely different kind of threat: a functioning civilization.

Max’s travels through the wasteland lead him to a town that’s been burned to its foundation and the few survivors claim that the town was attacked by soldiers with an advanced arsenal of weaponry. Deciding this to be worthy of further investigation, Max pursues the would-be aggressors to an underground city that appears to be flourishing despite the riddled, dystopian state of the rest of the world. He infiltrates the compound only to learn that this self sustaining city has been perpetually attacked by bandits from neighboring tribes. In an effort to secure their small yet stable society, ‘The Leader’ has set out to eliminate the ‘primitive’ factions, even if that means killing the innocent. Deciding he ultimately wants nothing to do with the conflict, Max is inadvertently dragged in and is forced to choose a side.


Furiosa: Rise of a Warrior (a prequel)

After having been removed from the only family she knew at a young age, Furiosa is forced into the servitude of the villainous, Immortan Joe. Having successfully learning to navigate the violent mythology and harsh conditions of the war boy run Citidel, Furiosa makes the decision to try and take the role of ‘Inquisitor’ for herself in an elaborate plot to escape. As she secretly trains for the take over, she meets Miss Giddy, guardian of Joe’s harem and she soon learns that there’s a lot more than just her own survival at stake, but also the fate of a whole new generation.


So, what do you think? Do you think any of those stories could make the grade or is there some other challenge that you’d rather see our heroes Max or Furiosa take on? Let us know what you’d like to see in the comments section below.

Also, there’s this neat Adventure Time/Mad Max spoof that you should probably watch, because who know, maybe it’ll be the next movie.


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