Luke Cage Soundtrack Now on Vinyl: A MUST Own for Any Music Lover!


Sweet Christmas! In some of the coolest music news we’ve heard in a while, it appears that the soundtrack for Marvel’s Netflix series, Luke Cage, is getting some very special vinyl treatment courtesy of the folks at Mondo.

The soundtrack will be getting a special 2-disk release featuring custom artwork by Mathew Woodson. According to Mondo, “We’re excited to unveil the soundtrack for Marvel’s Luke Cage with collectible artwork of the bulletproof hero by Matthew Woodson. Composers Adrian Younge (Something About April) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) have combined forces to produce one of the best scores of 2016 featuring an inspired, genre-bending blend of orchestral score and 90s hip-hop beats, filtered through the sonic lens of the works of Ennio Morricone.”

Marvel’s Luke Cage Original Soundtrack 2XLP will be pressed on 180 Gram “Power Man Yellow”  colored Vinyl and originally went on sale today, Friday (10/7), at for $35. While the initial pressing has already sold out, Mondo put out a statement on Twitter explaining that all orders placed after today will ship sometime in late November.

Check out the sick artwork for the vinyl below! This is definitely a must have for any comic book, comic book movie, or music collector and it will certainly be making it’s way into my collection sooner than later.



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