Last Week Tonight Slaps Hollywood Whitewashing Right Across It’s Stupid Face


Since the show first debuted in 2013, John Oliver and friends at Last Week Tonight have been taking on one important issue after the next utilizing their highly informed brand of comedy and this weeks show is no exception. While the majority of the episode focused on the issue of the nations obscure and obstructory abortion laws, in the newest installment of a reoccurring segment called, How is This Still a Thing, the show sets its sights on the concept of Hollywood whitewashing and completely NAILS it.

The concept certainly isn’t a new one, but it’s a problem that doesn’t seem to want to just die. Whitewashing is the basic practice of casting a white actors in minority roles. Think, The Last Airbender, and how it’s cast is comprised solely of white people while the characters are supposed to be Asian. Or better yet, think about the upcoming, God’s of Egypt, who’s primary star is Gerard Butler who is decidedly not Egyptian.

While there are actually a variety of aspects to whitewashing, it’s an important topic that we as fans should demand Hollywood fix or at the absolute very least, pay more attention too. If you’re still confused as to what exactly whitewashing is or why it’s an issue, please, PLEASE watch the video below. It perfectly lays out the issue and why it’s a huge problem and then kicks it in it’s stupid crotch.

Seriously; how is this still a thing?!

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