Labyrinth Returns to Theaters to Celebrate 30th Anniversary


In today’s bit of good news, word is in that Jim Henson’s epic 1986 musical, Labyrinth, is coming to theaters just in time for a celebration of the films 30th anniversary allowing for an entirely new generation of film goers to be horrified by the extravagance that is the Bowie classic.

The film famously follows 15 year old, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) as she traverses the dreaded goblin and monster filled labyrinth in order to reclaim her baby brother from the vile, yet well endowed, Goblin King (Bowie). The movie features an elaborate array of puppets courtesy of Jim Henson’s legendary Creature Shop and while it was originally a box-office dud, it has since become a massive cult classic.

The films will be shown at select theaters across the country on September 11th and 14th for a two day event courtesy of Fathom Events. While it’s currently unknown which cities will be bestowed the gift of Labyrinth, we do know that tickets will be made available starting on June 17th, 2016 through the Fathom website.

If you need a little refresher, check out this sweet Honest Trailer for Labyrinth courtesy of the always amazing, Screen Junkies!


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