Justice League Gets a Trailer and it’s Absolutely AMAZING!


My hatred for both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been well documented, but I’ve also made it quite clear that I’m no DC hater. Seroiusly, in my opinion, I think that The Flash is easily one of the best and most fun shows to watch on TV right now and I really would love nothing more than an amazing DC cinematic version of their universe. With that being said, I feel like director Zach Snyder has severely dropped the ball on their first two attempts.

I disliked Batman V Superman so much that it actually squashed the excitement that I had for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie because I was so disappointed with the tone and the passing of the movie, I just couldn’t see how anything in that universe could be fun to watch. With that being said, however, this new trailer looks like they fixed everything wrong with their foundations to a point where it seems like they’re basically starting fresh with something that feels like it actually captures the spirits of the characters we all know and love.

This trailer focuses heavily on actual scenes from the movie which is a big departure from the way they did trailers for the other two movies which basically featured a montage of stuff exploding, people flying, and some slow motion violence. Here we actually get a feel for the characters and the actual tone of the movie, which so far, is really fun.

Batman does not come off as a gritty murderer and has some great dialog exchanges with all of the other members of the Justice League (sans Superman, who is not featured at all in the trailer probably due to the fact that he’s currently ‘dead’). The trailer makes both Aquaman and the Flash seem like welcome additions and while we don’t get a lot of Cyborg, we get just enough to get us excited for more.

The trailer also shows Bruce Wayne working fairly closely with Diana Prince on the assembly of the team and their dynamic looks to be pretty solid.

One of the more interesting scenes from the trailer allows us to see Barry Allen speedily dodge a well thrown batterang, which might be the first time in Zach Snyder’s career that he’s appropriately used the slow motion/bullet time effect that he’s perpetually just beaten into the ground. There’s also a lot more in the way of vibrant colors in this film, so it doesn’t have the tedious drab feel of the previous installments.

Overall, I’m actually getting excited for this movie and I really, REALLY hope they don’t miss the mark on this one, but based on the jokes, tone of the characters, and the fact that the movie has vibrant, bright colors, I’m currently in.

So what do you think? Are you on bored for this or has Zach Snyder completely lost you?

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