Jessica Jones, the Return of Mr. Show, Spider-Man and More Coming to Netflix This November


The end of the month is nearly upon us, which means that Netflix is about to dump a bunch of new stuff for us to watch. Fortunately, we’ve scoured their release catalog and picked out all the best and nerdyist stuff, worthy of your eyes time.

By now most of you probably have November 20th marked as the release day for Marvel’s Jessica Jones as you well should. This show looks great so far and now we also know that Matt Cox’s, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, will be making a cameo in the show. We’re super excited for this and we’ve got a few days booked to give it a solid binging.

In addition to comic book related viewing material, the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man will be released on November 23rd.

There are a lot of new interesting titles in the way of comedies including the return of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross with their new revamped version of Mr. Show which is now just called w/Bob and David. The show will release with 4 half hour episodes and an hour long ‘making of’ video, but Mr. Odenkirk is quick to tell fans that, while the show has a lot of the original writers from Mr. Show, the show will in fact be “lighter”, “less complex” and “faster”. That will release on November 13th.

Other comedies worth keeping your eyes out for would include the new Aziz Ansari show, Master of None, which releases on November 6th and there will also be a new John Mulaney stand-up special called, The Comeback Kid, which also comes out on November 13th.

If you’re into the Care Bears, the first season of Care Bears & Cousins will release on November 6th and the SpongeBob movie will come out right away on November 1st.

So, aside from Jessica Jones, is there anything else that you’re really excited for? The not-Mr. Show should be fun and you’ll probably find me plowing through Ultimate Spider-Man at some point, but what about you? What will you be watching this month. As always, let us know in the comments section below!

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