Jeremy Renner Shares Photo of New Hawkeye Costume & New Civil War Teasers


Marvel Studios has finally started upping their game when it comes to the Captain America: Civil War promos with loads of new art, but today they also released a brand new teaser in order to prep audiences for a brand new full trailer which will release tomorrow.

We also just saw that Civil War star, Jeremy Renner, just released a photo of his new costume for the upcoming film and it’s actually pretty great. See for yourself:


The new costume for our favorite purple clad archer is a sleek as it is particle and we’re super excited to see it in action.

Marvel’s two new teasers give us a look at both Team Cap and Team Iron and they really serve to up the drama factor. As for the trailer that will launch tomorrow, it’s hard to say now how much new footage it will include, but rumor has it that we could be getting our first glimpse of Spider-Man. While it was announced over a year ago that Tom Holland would join the cast of Civil War as our favorite webslinger, Marvel has yet to include him in any promo materials. Clearly they’re playing him pretty close to the chest as his inclusion has fans hoping that they’ll finally get the Spidey they’ve been looking for.

Anyway, here are the trailers. This video has them both combined into one, so give them a watch and as always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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