Is Justice League Dark Looking to Colin Ferrall or Ewen McGregor to Play John Constantine?


Holy rumors Batman! The folks over at Latino Review dropped some pretty heavy ones earlier today and as per usual, it has us asking if some of these Hollywood movie producers are out of their minds or if they’re secret geniuses.

In the latest round of speculation over the upcoming Justice League Dark movie, which is set to be produced by Guillermo Del Toro who was once set as the films director before dropping out of earlier this year, it sounds as though a short list has been created for their primary roster of characters, including that of John Constantine.

According to LR, the studio has it’s sights on both Colin Ferrall and Ewen McGregor for the role of the infamous Constantine. The character of John Constantine was most recently played by Matt Ryan on NBC’s now defunct, Constantine, and in the shows notorious follow up cameo on CW’s, Arrow.

In other casting rumors, LR is reporting that Ron Pearlman is being scouted to play Swamp Thing, Monica Belluci for Madame Xanadu, and it’s rumored that whoever doesn’t get the part of Constantine, Farrell or McGregor, will wind up playing the character Jason Blood, the human incarnation of a character known as Etrigan The Demon.

It was originally rumored that Del Toro was looking towards Matt Ryan to bring his version of Constantine to the big screen, which would be a HUGE win for fans, but allegedly the studio is seeking “A list talent” for the role.

While Colin Ferrall seems like he could potentially make for a pretty decent Constantine given his affinity for quick quips and his quasi-bad boy persona, we still think that Matt Ryan needs to be given his time to shine. McGregor, who is an actor we’ve loved for a long time, seems a bit mild, especially in his older years to be playing Constantine. If he could recapture a bit of that spunk he had back in some of his earlier films like Train Spotting or Shallow Grave, then maybe, but still, Ryan would definitely be our top pick for the character.

It’s unfortunate that NBC’s version of Constantine didn’t work out, but sloppy writing and awkward story decisions ultimately lead to the show being met with a luke warm reception despite the fact that most people really enjoyed Ryan’s take on the titular character.

So is Justice League Dark a good idea or a bad one? Should the role of Constantine go to Colin Ferrall, Ewen McGregor, or Matt Ryan? Do you even care at all at this point? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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