Is Cabin in the Woods Getting a Sequel?


In 2012 Cabin in the Woods spun the horror genre on its head by making the monsters stalking the college-aged victims part of a grander design. Now writer/director Drew Goddard says that Lionsgate is keen on doing another one. There’s only one problem: the original didn’t leave much room for a sequel.

:::Begin Spoilereez:::

Cabin in the Woods introduced the notion that behind every rampaging monster is a team of technicians, sitting at monitors, working to ensure the demon completes its mission. They do this to protect the planet from the massive old ones slumbering beneath the surface. These malicious entities require very specific sacrifices to prevent them from devouring humanity: a blond buxom bombshell, a stoner, a jock, a nerd, and occasionally a virgin; the usual suspects.

All this suffering satisfies these ancient beings, until the technicians fail at their mission and let a fool and a virgin breach their underground facility, unleashing chaos. Cabin in the Woods ends with a giant hand crushing the titular cabin, the first of many buildings the ancient ones plan on leveling in retaliation.

:::End Spoilereez:::

It’s hard to imagine where a sequel could go from there. The apocalypse is a tricky thing to backpedal from, but we thought that it would be fun to go ahead and put together a few different ideas as to how a sequel could work.

Scenario 1:

Sigourney Weaver’s character could activate a secret protocol when she realizes the operation is going belly up. This calls together an elite chainsaw and machete wielding unit to meet the old ones’ kill criteria. This strike team is filled with soldiers who hide their faces beneath white rubber masks, hockey masks, and masks stitched together from human flesh. These solders pose as classic slashers, target a group of spoiled college students in a cabin outside of the organization’s control, and get the job done.

Scenario 2:

With the monsters on a rampage and the apocalypse well underway, we meet a group of hero monster hunters who’ve set out to send the demons back to hell while giving the Old Ones a piece of their mind and setting out to set right the wrongs of the operation behind the disaster. Think hero survival horror comedy in the vein of Evil Dead, Shawn of the Dead, or Zombieland.

Scenario 3:

OR a scenario where the emergency protocol unleashes ghosts on a new group of unwitting students. In this situation the ghosts’ movements will be automated and governed by a computer system that attempts to steer them toward the correct victim. The nerd in this cabin figures out what’s going on and hacks the system aiming the ghosts away from his friends. In the end the nerd and the virgin become the new technicians that maintain the system. This scenario upgrades the villains to adjust to film trends, aligning them with modern horror films like Insidious, Sinister, and The Conjuring.

End Scenarios…

Okay, we’ve hard our fun, but what do you think? Do you think a Cabin in the Woods sequel could work and how would you continue the saga? Let us know in the comments section below!

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