I’m sorry, but the New Batman V. Superman Teaser Sucks


Look folks, I would very much like to see my favorite character (Batman) brought back to life for the big screen. The inclusion of a really well done Superman would just be icing on the cake, but their trailers are NOT selling me.

The overly dark tone seems set on making Chris Nolans Batman look like a kindergartners birthday party in comparison and this new teaser is just further proof.

Just look at the newest trailer for Civil War which was also serious in tone, but it provided us with a few light hearted jabs in order to show us that they do in fact have a well rounded film. The Batman V Superman trailer is just angry Superman being all angry at an angry Batman in the middle of some kind of weird dessert prison camp. Remember that time we saw the weird dessert prison camp in the last Nolan Batman flick? Yeah, I bet this isn’t the same one which means they’re just going to plagerize what Nolan did with a lot less charisma.

Also, I don’t particularly think that Batfleck’s Batman looks particularly great. In fact, he kind of looks terrible, like he’s wearing some kind of really expensive, yet still somehow not really believable, Halloween costume.

Anyway, you watch the trailer and you decided. Is this the Batman V. Superman we deserve or do you expect them to do better? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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