Hulk Joins Thor in Ragnarok [CONFIRMED]


It is with great pleasure that we can now confirm that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/The Hulk will in fact be joining Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is the upcoming Marvel film, Thor; Ragnarok.

The report comes from Variety which notes that Ruffalo is in final negations for the film, but details still remain incredibly vague. It sounds like the rumor mill early this week did, however, have it pegged when it was mentioned that Ragnarok would not take place on Thor’s home-world of Asgard as it was initially presumed, but instead will take place on a different planet all together.

It’s also been speculated that the film could wind up merging two different stories form the comic books, including Ragnarok and Planet Hulk, although others are speculating that this could actually lead up to a solo, Planet Hulk film, although in our opinion, that seems somewhat unlikely.

The difficulty that Marvel has had with the Hulk in the past, is that the character rights lie in a joint contract between Marvel and Universal. Marvel is allowed to use the Hulk in it’s various movies, but Universal has rights to any stories that only contain the Hulk. This has obviously created a conflict with Marvel as the popularity of the character has only climbed since his introduction in The Avengers.

Thor; The Dark World is often referenced as being the weak point in Marvel’s phase 2 bout of films, so the coming together of the two properties makes sense in a way. Because of the cosmic nature of both Ragnarok and Planet Hulk, Marvel could create a hybrid of the stories in an effort to try and satiate it’s fans.

While we obviously won’t know the full details for a while, the guessing game has definitely started, so what do you think? Should Marvel combine the stories in an effort to give Hulk fans the story they want while trying to bring more viewers to the Thor franchise, or should they come up with something entirely new and either save Planet Hulk for a solo movie, or just scrap the PH story altogether? Let us know what you think should happen in the comments section below!

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