Hulk & Ant-Man Spark New Bromance During Coke Commercial


It’s a love affair like no other and it could’ve only been introduced to us via one of the world’s largest sporting events… or something like that. If any of you were watching yesterdays big sports-ball match between two rival teams, you may have noticed an interesting little coke commercial featuring two of our favorite heroes; Hulk and Ant-Man.

While the Hulk clearly has no dialog other than a few grunts and growls, Ant-Man is actually voiced by Paul Rudd as it features his titular Marvel hero stealing a small can of Coke from one Dr. Bruce Banner.

Enraged, and rightfully so, an off-screen Banner Hulks-out and starts on a pursuit of Marvel’s tiniest hero through the streets of New York. Eventually, being the sweet-heart that he is, Ant-Man returns the Coke to the Hulk, but due to his giant size, can’t quite open the can. Lovingly, Ant-Man comes to his aid and pops the can open for him to enjoy, but not before grabbing a few micro-dropplets for himself.

Really, it’s a cute ad that brings together two fairly unlikely heroes. All in all, I’d say that it was a nice effort by Coke because the commercial definitely made thirsty, but also eager to see how a relationship/team up between Hulk and Ant-Man might go. Shippers, get ready because there’s a new Odd Couple in town!

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