Hannibal Producer, Bryan Fuller, OUT as Showrunner for Star Trek: Discovery


In a sad bit of television news today, it sounds like showrunner, Bryan Fuller, is jumping off at least some aspects of the new Star Trek project, Star Trek: Discovery. Fuller has a long history with the franchise, but is most recently known for his work on the short-lived NBC series, Hannibal.

Fuller, who was set to be the shows showrunner, will set back from those responsibilities although he is still set to remain on as the shows executive producer. A report from Variety is citing the reason for Fuller stepping back is due to difficulties with CBS’ production schedule for the show and juggling duties between two other TV properties that he’s currently developing which include Starz, American Gods, and a reboot of Amazing Stories for NBC.

Fuller’s earlier career featured work on both Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which made him an extremely appropriate choice for the upcoming series and his work on Hannibal, while it may have had only a short tenure, was visually exceptional. It’s sad to know that he won’t be running the ins-and-outs of the show, but according to Varities report, the show is continuing on using his vision for the newest incarnation of the Star Trek universe.

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